I laughed, I cried

Congratulations, Robyn! It was such an honest presentation painted with bold brushstrokes of pathos and humour …..I honestly felt I could hear my own mother of blessed memory saying those same words! I suppose the content is a mixture of experience and fantasy (or did you really do all those things??) but I must tell you , I NEVER was moved to tears as often nor have I laughed quite as hard in one show as I did tonight. Your description of your Zayde Morris was so evocative for me. The picture you painted with your words and expression brought him to life for me. Similarly, I can just imagine you mother and father – you had their characters really down pat. And throughout the play, your love of family and heritage shone through.  — Allan Kroll

Beauty and honor

The beauty and honor that are set so deeply, emotionally and lovingly reflect on all the elements that have built up this piece in the life of Robyn Israel. In her one-woman show, Robyn exhibits the tribulations of her ancestors’ decision to leave the homeland, growing up in French Canada as a Jewish girl, the colorful people she has encountered and the joys and pains of relationships. An emotional journey both touching and inspiring, revealing much about ourselves as we look into the experiences of one woman. It just goes to show that when you follow your passions, you can do anything your heart desires.

Laughs, sadness, courage and more


Superb Show

“Robyn Israel has created a superb show about religious and ethnic pride, Canadian multiculturalism in all its idealistic glory and moderating realities. Enduring ignorant strangers and an overbearing mother, Israel mirrors her own name’s meaning, “struggle” and tells a tale where she looks for her own self-identity that squares with her people’s heritage. What we gain from that internal wrestle is a superb one-woman show that celebrates what Canada has itself fought to become and mourns that it should be more.”

Very funny material

“Some very funny material, well delivered by a charming performer.”

Great show

“Great show. Wonderful stage presence!”