Friday night -- incredible!

I am behind in my blog. It has been so intense, so much like a roller-coaster ride, that I have not had the time to process and reflect. So for those who are reading, my apologies. I have a number of thoughts to share with you about my last performances.

On Thursday I managed to recover from my Opening Night jitters. It went very well. And Friday night saw an exceptional audience –  warm, receptive and gracious. I knew that this was not a Jewish audience, judging from their failure to respond to some Yiddish references. Yet I felt them deeply with me. They were definitely along for the journey. And several stood up at the end of the show.

When I exited the theatre, there was a group of 10 women waiting for me. They told me how much they enjoyed the show. And one was from Northern Ontario, and she really appreciated the play's celebration of this province. It was heartwarming to know they had waited around afterward to share their impressions of what the show meant to them. They also related to my Jewish mother (even though they came from different backgrounds), and to the immigrant experience depicted in the story.

Last week I was asked by several interviewers what the play is about. After all, the title Jewish Girls Don't Kayak, while catchy, does not give any indication as to the show's content. Normally I would answer "It's about identity, it's about becoming comfortable with who you are and accepting who you are. It's about dating outside the faith…" But now I have a fuller answer. I had a dear friend come to the show on Friday, and he said, "This show is about life. It's about loving and leaving your family. It's about growing up." Well said.

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