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Jewish Girls Don’t Kayak, They Perform Comedy
by Adam Szymanski

Jewish Girls Don't Take Boat Safety Seriously

Jewish Girls Don't Take Boat Safety Seriously

Robyn Israel is a one-woman show both on and off-stage. The award-winning stage performer and playwright is currently performing her good-humoured, satirical play, Jewish Girls Don’t Kayak, at the ARTS Project.

Israel performs the 90-minute comedic act completely solo with only the help of outrageous props and even more outrageous memories from her adventurous past as both an attached and single Jewish woman from Montreal.

Israel’s comedy stems from her Jewish upbringing and her ability “to poke fun in a loving way.” Her humorous take on life and love crosses all ethnic boundaries — much like Israel herself.

“I dated a Buddhist for four years and we learned about each other’s philosophies,” she says. Her past relationship may now be source for comedic material, but in the end, Israel says the relationship “was quite illuminating.”

Israel is also a Faculty of Information and Media Studies journalism lecturer and thinks most students embrace the ideas of ethnic diversity and tolerance.

As a live performance artist sensitive to issues of representation, Israel feels her play will relate well with Western students.

“The show will relate to students because it touches upon universal truths,” she says.

Israel stresses that, at the core, her play is essentially “about identity and being comfortable with who you are.”

Certainly comfortable with herself, Israel can make funny observations about her current experience as a single woman that others may not.

“Many students are in the process of getting together and breaking up, and can relate to similar themes in Jewish Girls Don’t Kayak,” she adds.

Israel brings her student appeal, pop culture references and London shout-outs to the ARTS Project tonight and tomorrow at 8 p.m. Tickets are $12 for students and $18 for adults.

The ARTS Project is located at 203 Dundas Street.

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