Preview Night!

Yesterday was a whirlwind — three interviews, all Western related. Started off the morning with an interview on CHRW radio, followed by ones for the Gazette and the Reporter. It brought back memories of when I worked as an A&E writer, covering interesting stories. They all asked insightful questions about the show and myself. The most common question: what is the show about? In a word, identity. It's about becoming comfortable in your own skin, accepting who you are (Jewish, single, middle-aged) and figuring out the life path that is right for you, irrespective of other's expectations. Like any good theatre, there's also conflict: the desire to maintain traditions while dating people of other cultures and backgrounds.

I thought I was going to be SO NERVOUS, but luckily I managed to keep my nerves in check. An actor friend told me that it gets easier the more you perform, and I think he's right. Plus the space at the Arts Project is so small and intimate, I actually felt really comfortable. I was able to interact with the audience and really pick up on their energy. It was actually the least nervous I've ever been for a show! (Plus it helps that I can really only see the first row while I'm performing!)

There were about 25, 30 people there – pretty good for a preview night. After the show, a woman came to talk to me, to tell me how much she enjoyed the performance. Apparently she had seen a poster in Old East Village, and she was intrigued by the title. She told me how there were similarities between her story and mine (like starting over again after a divorce), and it was reassuring to know that other people had gone through it and survived. It's not always easy for me to share personal details in my show, but when I hear feedback like that, it makes me feel that putting myself out there is definitely worth it.

Now, on to Opening Night! More details tomorrow…

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